Tinui District Updates

Tinui Training 25 May 2015

A good training day at The Peaks, the crew ran an open relay pump system as well as putting the appliance pump through it paces.

The day also saw a number of crew members complete their training for unit standard 4573 using a radio

House fire 9/4/15

While Tinui could not enter the building they helped with home owner support and footing ladders for the NZFS

Many thanks to Richard, Piki and Sandi for their efforts.

Taipoi Fire 16/10/14

Tinui attend a fire at a logging site in the Taipoi forest on the 16/10/14.

The fire was found at 3.30am and resulted in crews from from Tinui, Masterton, Carterton and the two helicopters from Amalgatmated atteneding.

Wichman forestry crews were called into to sit on site overnight and for mop up the following day.


Helicopter training 4 May 2014

A bit of pre training for the Tinui crew before May 10th at Henley Lake

General Photos

Purunui Fire 25/10/13