Ngawi District Updates

Pharazyns Road 25-12-14

Lake Ferry and Ngawi Rural Fire Forces were called to assist NZFS fire crews at a grass and shelter belt fire at Pharazyns Road south Wairarapa on the evening of 25 December 2014

Approximately 3.5 hectares of grass land and shelter belts were burnt, both crews stayed on site to mop up till around 2300 hours.

Ocean beach 21/11/14

Ngawi and Lake Ferry attend a fire on the foreshore at Ocean beach in the early hours of 21/11/14

Ocean Beach 24/11/14

Ngawi at Ocean beach on 24/11/14

Taking the truck and pump for a run 30/5/14

Pump and truck running session under guidance from Rob Hood

Next time we will get them into their PPE :)

Theory session for training day

Te Kopie Fire 22/10/13