Mauriceville District Updates

Two House fires in one night 26/4/17

A Mauriceville family thought they were doing a good deed offering shelter to the owner of a house destroyed by fire on Wednesday night.

But now they have lost everything after their own home was razed just hours later.

A 50-year-old woman has since been arrested and charged with arson.

Corrinne and Bruce Oliver, together with their daughter Chance, fled their burning house early yesterday morning with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.The fire at the first property started at about 10pm on Wednesday. 

The full story began the night before, when a nearby house in the small township went up in flames.

At about 10pm on Wednesday, Mrs Oliver heard what she thought were gun shots.

The next thing she knew she had someone banging on her door, yelling “a house is on fire”.

Mrs Oliver called 111 and reported the blaze, about 100 metres from her Opaki Kaiparoro Rd property.

The house could not be saved — despite firefighters battling the blaze for three hours — and burned to the ground.

Mauriceville VRFF supported NZFS crews from Masterton and Carterton at both incidents, they set up a water point in a local stream to supply the carterton tanker and appliances at the first house fire, then set up a water point to pump direct to the scene for the second.

Crew members also assissted on the fire ground in various roles 

Mount Bruce 4/4/15

Mauriceville VRFF were called to an escaped burn at Mount Bruce on the 4/4/15

A small area of sprayed black berry was affected, the call was attended by Andy, Daniel, Dennis and Richard

Crew Leader Certificate presentation to Andy Sims

Congratulations to Andy Sims the Controller at Mauriceville VRFF, for completing the required training to be presented with his NRFA crew leader certificate 

Bluff Rangitamau Road 12/1/15

Mauriceville VRFF were called out to assist 2 Masterton FS appliances and the Carterton tanker at a road side fire on Bluff Rangitamau road on Monday 12/1/15.

Mauriceville set up a water point at twin bridges to keep the tanker full as well as having Daniel and Dennis at the scene to assist Masterton with the fire fighting

Whangaehu Valley 27/12/14

Mauriceville Rural Fire Force were called to assist Masterton at an out of control rubbish fire in Whangaehu valley road on Saturday 27 December 2014.

The fire had escaped from a rubbish hole into long road side grass and old trees, approximately 250m2 was burnt.

The Mauriceville crew of Andy, Pete, Dave and Daniel did a great job in setting up a pump and keeping Masterton’s tanks fill, as well as helping fight the fire it self

Mikimiki fire 8/12/14

Mauriceville attended a fire in a large old man pine tree at Mikimiki next to SH2, the crew of Andy, Richard and Pete spent 3 hours at the scene

The winch on the appliance was put to good use to remove hanging spars so a logger could drop the tree.

The new foam inductor was also used and was very affective in the mopp up phase of the operation

Certificate Presentation to Daniel Marfell, Mauriceville VRFF

Since joining the Mauriceville Volunteer Rural Fire Force in Sep 2013, Daniel Marfell has become a valued member of the fire force, regularly responding to incidents with the crew, and therefore helping to ensure the safety of the both the local Mauriceville community as well as responding to incidents across the greater Wairarapa district. 

Daniel has taken advantage of every opportunity to attend training, which has involved both fortnightly Fire Force training as well as structured training course run to meet the requirements of the National Rural Fire Authority (NRFA) training standards. As a result of his commitment, he was today presented with a certificate from the Wairarapa Rural Fire District which recognises he has attained the qualifications to perform the roles of rural Firefighter and Pump Operator.  These roles are recognised by the National Rural Fire Authority.  Daniel has achieved this level of training in less than nine months which is a very commendable effort, the NRFA allows up to two years to obtain the level to become a Firefighter.

Wairarapa Rural Fire District acknowledges the support of Jeremey Sharp owner of the Masterton Stihl Shop, who employs Daniel, his support in ensuring Daniel could attend many of these courses is greatly appreciated. 

Theory session for training day

The Mauriceville crew plus Eric Baber from Wainuioru

Mr Break it

You would think someone in orange overalls would know better

Mauriceville Training 3-4-14

Some of the new members of the Mauriceville crew completing theory work towards their Fire Fighter qualification under guidance from Rob Hood