Lake Ferry District Updates

Pirinoa Play Group Visit

The new Lake Ferry VRFF fire appliance had a visit to the Pirinoa play group.

Thanks to Scotty for taking it along and letting the kids expand on their water theme week 

Pharazyns Road Fire 25/12/14

Lake Ferry and Ngawi Rural Fire Forces were called to assist NZFS fire crews at a grass and shelter belt fire at Pharazyns Road south Wairarapa on the evening of 25 December 2014

Approximately 3.5 hectares of grass land and shelter belts were burnt, both crews stayed on site to mop up till around 2300 hours.

Theroy session for Training day

Ngawi and Lake Ferry crew members studying for the assessment at the training day on May 10th 2014

Lake Ferry Training 6/4/14

During training on Sunday 6th April, two of the Lake Ferry Volunteer Rural Fire Force members were presented with certificates for completing the required standards to be recognised as Fire Fighters and Pump Operators.

 Congratulations to Les Jones and Lewis Coe for achieving this.

They are joined in the photo by fellow crew members, left to right:

Vern Elliot, King Tipoki, Les Jones, Lewis Coe, Scotty MacDonald, Todd Candy and Jake Heron 

Te Kopie Fire 21/10/13

Training at Lake Ferry 2/2/14