Fire Permits


Is there a cost for a fire permit?

No, permits are free.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Wairarapa Tararua District staff are happy to discuss any fire related issues with you.  We can do so over the phone or we can come and see you.

How long does it take to get a fire permit?

We endeavour to issue your fire permits as promptly as possible.  However during busy periods such as during a restricted season, directly after a fire ban is lifted or when the weather improves it can take up to 10 working days due to the high volume of fire permit requests.

To avoid being delayed plan ahead. Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Wairarapa Tararua Districtstaff are happy to discuss your permit needs all year round.  If you organise your permit in advance you can reduce delays when you want to burn.

Keep You and Your Family Safe

If you are going to burn here are some tips to keep yourself and your family safe.

Keeping Safe 

Wear long sleeved natural fibre clothing, such as cotton or wool. Synthetic materials can melt and can cause severe injuries.

Wear laced up leather boots and head protection.

Plan how you are going to burn to ensure the weather conditions, fire breaks and methods for lighting up are right for the conditions.

Always have a planned safe escape route away from the fire.

Planning for the worst case, so you have adequate resources to control the fire if things don't go to plan and escape routes if necessary.

Be flexible, if the weather changes during a burn, or the day is not right when you plan to burn, change your plans to suit the weather.

Know your responsibility

It is the responsibility of the person lighting the fire to ensure there are sufficient resources on site to manage the fire and that the fire is contained at all times.

Ensure the fire is out before you leave it unattended, a  change in weather conditions and an unattended fire are the cause of a large number of rural fires that Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Wairarapa Tararua District attend 

A fire should not be lit unless public liability and fire suppression insurance is taken out.

Liability for damage or fire suppression costs caused by any fire is the responsibility of the person lighting the fire.

Plan ahead

Think about the time of year you want to burn. During March-April and September-October strong equinoctial winds make burning potentially dangerous and fire bans can be put in place during summer.

Check the weather forecast for the period you are planning to burn

Give your vegetation plenty of time to dry out. The majority of sap is water. Stacking your vegetation and leaving for up to six months will allow it to dry out and give you a much better burn.

If possible cut and stack your vegetation in the spring and burn in the autumn. This gives the vegetation plenty of time to dry, producing a good clean burn and reduces the likely hood of fire escaping as we enter the wetter time of year.

If you have any questions or require a fire permit call Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Wairarapa Tararua District on 06 370 9557.